Cygnet Invoicing Tool

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What's New in Recent Versions


Version : 1.3.1
Release Date : 22-March-2024

Closed Issues & Suggestions

  • Registration API authentication changes.

Version : 1.3
Release Date : 29-January-2024

Closed Issues & Suggestions

  • Credit Note issue resolve.
  • API calling certificate issue resolve.
  • Change email address for new domain.
  • Database connectivity issue fix in service application.
Version : 1.2
Release Date : 16-October-2023

  • Field mapping import/export functionality for bulk data import.
Closed Issues & Suggestions
  • IRP Registration API changes.
  • Add Currency Amount print option in Export Sale invoice.

Version : 1.1 
Release Date : 08-June-2023

  • Add field mapping import/export functionality in bulk data import.
  • Add GSTIN verification functionality in bulk import and account master.
  • Add E-waybill format printing option in transaction and bulk import.

Closed Issues & Suggestions

  • Gross amount calculation changes.
  • Changes in bulk import to process files from both client and server.
  • Changes in GSTR-1 form.
  • Import utility performance related changes in triggers and all transaction modules.

Version : 1.0 
Release Date : 15-December-2022

  • New UI/UX
  • Drilldown Dashboard
  • Easy selection of company & financial year
  • Inbuilt tool registration
  • API based license assignment
  • Bulk import to generate e-invoice & e-way bill
  • 4 different formats for data import
      • Cygnet format
      • Cygnet-NIC Format A
      • Cygnet-NIC Format D
      • Customer own format for field mapping
  • Individual Field Mapping for Sale, CN & DN
  • Different field update flag for data import
  • File open and do correction within the application
  • Multiple fields setting options in transaction modules
  • Predefine Custom template for online purchase